Techno producer Ante Ujevic has had a prolific year, with several original releases and remixes put out since 2013. Tracks and EPs have come out through La Papillion, Selectry Rec, Klangspektrum, Consumed, Pure Beat, Deeperfect, Black Swan, and Teknologik, with his latest out through Refused.

windsor-spiritThe Windsor Spirit came out in August and reached No. 20 on the Beatport Minimal chart in a day and quickly climbed to No. 5. The EP features four tracks: “Windsor,” “Spirit,” “Lilom,” and “Cue.”

Around that time, Ujevic also put out remixes for Gaetano C’s “Infusion” and Sonate’s “Yellow Beans.” These are just a snapshot of the number of remixes he’s put out over the last year, with tracks leading to support from Richie Hawtin, Justin James, Matte Blakk, Ant Brooks, and Kevin Castro.

As Ujevic experiences rising success with his recent release, Crossfadr caught up with him by email.

How did you start producing?

Music has been a part of my life since I was very young, I’ve spent many hours listening to music and playing guitar. Crazy effects and experimental sounds always inspired me the most, so the transition to making music on the computer came naturally to me.

When I was 17 I started producing using Fl Studio and a couple years after that I switched over to Ableton Live after taking an Ableton Masterclass hosted by Justin James.

What inspired you to create the Windsor Spirit EP?

I wanted to make something about Windsor; I’m really inspired by many artists from the area. There’s very weird eerie energy here. During the spring and fall, it gets really foggy at night; I love just walking around in it. This is want inspired a lot of the heavy sounds on the EP and especially the atmospheric synths in the track “Windsor.”

What approach did you take when writing all of its tracks?

I get a lot of my inspiration from nature, meditation, life experiences, colors, textures, anything that life throws at me. Usually if I have an idea in my head, I build around that or I experiment until I find something that I like.

The “Yellow Beans” and “Infusion” remixes another some of your new releases. How did you get involved in these projects?

The label owners contacted me and I thought the tracks would be interesting to explore.

What plans do you have to follow up these releases?

I’m going to have EP’s on Teknologik and Black Swan Recordings coming out very soon.

Overall, how do you define your sound?

Simple, Groovy and psychedelic. I love rolling baselines and atmospheric elements, this is a big part of my sound.

When it comes to producing, what equipment do you use?

My setup is really simple: Ableton Live and a Shure PG42-USB Mic to record my voice and random sounds. I have an Arturia Minibrute and some soft synths like Sound Toys and Fabfilter.


How has your equipment setup changed over the years?

I’ve always been producing on my computer, and I stick to synths that I’m used to, so my setup has stayed very simple. The amount of things you can make with a single instrument/synth is infinite; this is one of my favorite things about making music.

In terms of DJing, how did you get started?

After producing for a while, I felt that it was time to start DJing. I started out downloading random DJ programs and jamming out. I’ve always loved when DJ’s mix two different tracks to make a third totally different track. This makes a really special connection with the audience, because that third song will never exist in the same way again.

For DJing, what do you prefer to use – vinyl, CDJ, or controller?

I prefer using controllers, there’s so much more that can be done with the time saved from beat matching. I think the overall experience benefits from using controllers, with my style anyway.