It has been a quick rise for Los Angeles-based house DJ Margot Lox.

Born Margot Lockridge, she started honing her skills with a pair of turntables after being an avid house, hip-hop, and R&B listener for many years. Her first gig was just a year ago – in May 2013 – and since that point, she’s played every weekend in bars around Los Angeles.

She has since expanded out to shows in San Francisco and Mexico and has even played at notable venues Exchange L.A., Dim Mak Studios, and The End Up. As she continues to see her DJing career grow and is now preparing for the summer season, we asked her a few questions.

How did you get started in DJing?

After years of going out and seeing my friends and other DJs play, I became obsessed with House music, so much so that listening to it wasn’t enough anymore. I wanted to play the songs that I love and share them with people who have the same passion for the music. I conned a co-worker into selling me his turntables, mixer, and record collection for dirt cheap and enrolled in DJ school where I learned to play, starting with the basics.

It sounds like you began the traditional way, but is this the only medium you have used to DJ?

I am very thankful for learning on turntables, since it is the most solid foundation. Like learning to drive stick, you can operate an automatic after that. Same goes with learning on turntables. While I prefer the feel of vinyl, I mostly use CDJs in the club or at home.

What’s your approach in putting together a playlist?

I always start out with my favorite tracks of the moment, then sprinkle in classics and some of my old favorites. I like to start off mellow, end mellow and hit it hard in the middle.

What’s your perspective on mixing subgenres – should DJ stay just with house tracks or branch out to other dance music sub genres?

I am on a song-by-song basis. If I like a track, I will play it. If I don’t like a track, I won’t play it. I love so many different genres of House music, I couldn’t possibly restrict myself to one. As a fan, I like to be surprised by the DJs selection, so I will mix sub genres and play House, Tech House, Deep House, Latin, Minimal, whatever. I think that the DJ should play whatever they want, as long as they are having fun and the crowd is enjoying themselves.

When it comes to finding tracks, do you prefer vinyl or digital music?

When it comes to finding tracks for gigs, it’s all digital. I do go record shopping from time to time for my collection, but my vinyl collection is mostly old school hip-hop and R&B. I have serious nostalgia.

What club or event has been your favorite to DJ so far?

That is a really hard question because every single gig is such a different experience. I have honestly never had a gig that I didn’t enjoy. When the crowd is having fun, I’m having fun. I live for that exchange of positive energy with everyone! If I had to choose one, I would probably say this past March at Maison (Posch Lounge) in Irvine. That was my first time playing in Orange County, my first time playing in a main room, and opening for one of my favorite producers, Harvard Bass, all while playing on a proper sound system. The dance floor was on fire the whole time and I met so many awesome people, which is my favorite part about DJ’ing (besides the music, of course).

Where do you see your DJ career going?

I am going to do some traveling and visit friends, who are also DJs and producers. I will work on music, play gigs, and see where it goes. I would like to be an international DJ/producer, traveling the world.

Have you considered producing, or plan to stick with DJing for now?

Production is really my number one goal now. I love DJ’ing, but am ready to take this whole music thing to the next level and start making it myself. Looking forward to it!

Do you have any advice for aspiring DJs?

I think you have to ask yourself what kind of DJ do you want to be. Do you want it to just be a hobby, do you want to play for friends, at parties, at clubs, weddings, etc.? There are so many paths to take. Whatever you do, you should always have fun with it. The second you’re not having fun, it becomes are chore. This will ultimately show in your set and no one wins. Do it for the love of music and the passion for the connection with others. It will all come together the way it is supposed to.

Which gigs do you have coming up?

I have taken this past month off to move across town and travel a bit for vacation. I plan to be in full effect for the summer. Pool parties are my favorite! Check out my Facebook page for updates and my Soundcloud for all of my mixes.