DJing gear, these days, must not only deliver quality but also be lightweight, portable, and accommodate the latest technology. This notion, however, doesn’t just apply for the controller the DJ decides to use but further to any accessories – even the stand supporting the laptop, controller, and other equipment.

The UDG Creator Laptop/Controller Stand, sold in aluminum black, meets all of these qualities. Overall, it’s a solidly-designed, lightweight, and versatile piece of DJing gear that any performer who uses a laptop ought to have on hand.

The UDG Creator Laptop/Controller Stand picks up where the brand has been going. UDG, known originally for their quality record boxes, since expanded to other DJing pieces, especially as technology becomes smaller and the need for portability even greater. The UDG Creator Laptop/Controller Stand, as well, picks up where the Crane Stand left off and takes it further. While both tubular designs feature securing clamps and rubber rings to stabilize the surface and thus the laptop, the UDG Creator is more streamlined: a single upright pole rather than two, better angling ability for the primary shelf, adjustable height, and more flexibility overall.

Physically, its solid and secure construction offers a foldaway, low-weight design with adjustable height, angle, and rotation, with components made out of aircraft-grade anodized aluminum and protected with a neoprene sleeve. An airflow-constructed primary tray prevents equipment from overheating – especially crucial for laptops – and a secondary, removable tray accommodates other pieces of gear.

The user should keep in mind that this component is deeper and narrower than the primary tray, so the gear options are a bit more limited. The primary shelf is large enough to accommodate laptops, controllers, and iPads 13 to 18 inches wide.

Along with these structural facets, the stand, which folds over twice, comes with a zip case and folds up to be placed inside. An interior pocket further accommodates the secondary shelf, if it’s needed for a DJ’s gig.

What’s particularly helpful is, setup is straightforward and quick, taking less than a minute, really, if you know what you’re doing. On a basic level, the user loosens the two clamps to move the two feet into the desired position. While most users won’t find a great need for variation, DJs having to deal with an uneven surface – a possibility if you’re outdoors or on a low-quality platform in a club – will find this feature useful, if not necessary.

Then, after the base is set up, the user can adjust the primary shelf to the desired angle for the controller or laptop – helpful for getting that comfortable position you need for a long DJing gig. If you need to move the laptop to the side, the stand can be adjusted during the gig in order to maximize your performance area, without extra devices cluttering the space.

While some controllers may be a bit small, the plastic-coated front feet and rubber rings keep your gear in place as you perform. Gear, with the exception of some truly small pieces, stays in place without significantly wobbling during your performance.

As far as the secondary shelf is concerned, it’s optional and you can add it to the slot, if any other gear is needed. Its shape, however, makes it ideal for audio and more stationary gear, rather than something like a keyboard or controller you’ll regularly be using.

Professional quality and construction make this a must-have for DJs. If you have a stand that doesn’t cut it, or if you’re tired of dealing with second-rate stands in clubs, add this lightweight and portable stand to your line up of gear to get a reliable, adjustable, and ultimately comfortable surface for your next show.