Class-leading interface system expands and ships worldwide

Focusrite’s new RedNet Ethernet-based interface system will begin shipping at the end of January 2013, with RedNet units 1-4 and the RedNet PCIe card becoming available worldwide. This innovative new system, consisting of a range of remote-controlled interfaces that connect via standard Ethernet to a computer running music-recording software, delivers exceptionally high audio quality along with unparalleled flexibility and ease of installation. RedNet units 1-4 provide multichannel analogue and digital I/O and legendary Focusrite mic preamps, and are now in stores along with the RedNet PCIe card, which allows for the lowest system-wide latencies and most intricate control opportunities. RedNet 5, which provides a direct link to Pro Tools HD®, and RedNet 6, a MADI multichannel interface, will become available shortly. With the advent of RedNet, setting up and routing your studio becomes as easy as managing an Ethernet network.


  • New era for studios An end to expensive, complex and interference-prone analogue cable runs: put audio inputs and outputs wherever there’s an Ethernet socket.
  • Reliable, tried-and-tested technology Dante audio-over-Ethernet technology from Audinate delivers solid reliability, and also brings compatibility to existing systems.
  • Complete range of interfaces From eight-channel line-level converters to mic preamps, HD Bridge and MADI.
  • Full software remote control Set gain structure, levels and routing from your computer.
  • Superb Focusrite quality throughout Operation up to 24-bit/192kHz sampling; interfaces offer 119dB (A-weighted) dynamic range.
  • RedNet PCIe card Low-latency operation for compatible music software such as Cubase, Nuendo or Logic Pro.

RedNet 6 announced: bringing MADI to your RedNet system

Later in 2013, Focusrite will be shipping RedNet 6, a 64-channel interface providing connectivity with MADI (Multichannel Audio Digital Interface/AES10). Featuring both coaxial and optical formats of MADI, RedNet 6 connects to any other compatible devices, such as large-format mixing consoles, standalone converters and PCIe cards. The MADI audio stream can operate simultaneously at a different sample rate to the RedNet network using ASRC (Asynchronous Sample Rate Conversion): a feature that’s particularly useful in post-production.


  • Flawless integration Existing large-scale digital I/O environments such as consoles, converters and cards can be easily ported into the Focusrite RedNet system.
  • Full MADI/AES10 compatibility 64-channel interface with both coaxial and optical formats. Sample rate can be independent of the connected RedNet network.
  • Support for multiple units Set up multi-MADI systems to route a very large number of channels to and from the RedNet system.

Focusrite’s RedNet brings a new era to studio installation and operation, combining the landmark move from expensive, interference-prone analogue multiway cabling to simple, convenient Ethernet cable runs, with Focusrite’s legendary expertise in mic preamp and digital audio conversion design. RedNet early adopter John Crossley, head of Popular Music Production at the University of Derby, says: “You just plug it in, and then you just forget it’s there. It sounds really great – and it just works!”