In summer festival sets and even a Kia commercial, the anthem “In My Mind” has been inescapable. The tune, on the other hand, is too often erroneously attributed to Swedish House Mafia. Instead, Australian duo Feenixpawl, composed of Aden Forte and Josh Soon, created this ubiquitous track with TV Rock’s Ivan Gough and singer/songwriter Georgi Kay.

Although “In My Mind,” released through Axtone Records, has received support from Swedish House Mafia, Tiesto, Avicii, David Guetta, and Kaskade and went to No. 1 on Beatport, Feenixpawl first garnered attention in 2011 with a bootleg of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep,” which led to remixes for Big Beat, Ultra, and Neon Records.

To support this track, Feenixpawl are doing their In My Mind Tour, which is their first U.S. trek. They open on November 7 in Seattle and finish on November 18 in San Diego. Crossfadr spoke with the duo about their rising career.

How do you feel about the success of “In My Mind”?
Feenixpawl: It’s fantastic. We honestly still can’t believe it. When we hear DJs who we’ve always looked up to playing it, we pinch ourselves.

How did your collaboration with Ivan Gough come about?
Feenixpawl: We were actually on holidays in Europe and were spending some time in Mykonos when we ran into Ivan. We had met him previously in Melbourne, but after a few drinks at Paradise Club, we threw up the idea of working together and things just developed from there.

Did you think the track would get as much attention as it has?
Feenixpawl: Not at all. Of course you always hope and dream that each song you put out can have some success, but what “In My Mind” has done has truly surpassed our expectations.

Multiple DJs have remixed “In My Mind.” Who else would you like to remix it?
Feenixpawl: Wow, good question! It’s hard to say really. I guess anyone who would have a different take on it. Maybe someone who can make a chilled out version or even someone who can give it more of a tougher electro touch. There’s so many talented producers out there though, it’s hard to narrow it down!

You’ve remixed a few artists yourselves. Who else would you like to remix?
Feenixpawl: Would love to get the opportunity to remix Florence and the Machine. She has such a beautiful voice and we’ve always wanted to work with her.

How do you feel about your upcoming U.S. tour?
Feenixpawl: We’re excited! It’s a market we’ve always wanted to break into, so hopefully this is the first of many tours. To be able to get seven shows on our first ever tour is great, and to be able to play at amazing places such as Marquee is a dream come true.

What plans do you have for more material?
Feenixpawl: We have heaps of new Feenixpawl tracks just around the corner. Our next single “Universe” is due out very soon. Plus, there are plenty more collaborations on the way! The success of “In My Mind” has been so fantastic that we didn’t want to rush any music out straight away, so we’ve spent the better part of this year just compiling new music. Hopefully, you won’t be disappointed.

Do you have plans for an album?
Feenixpawl: Not at this stage. We do have lots of music ready to come out but all with different labels, but a studio album is certainly something we’d love to look at in the future.

More recently, greater attention has been paid to Australian artists, such as you, Tommy Trash, and Nervo. How do you feel this has affected your career?
Feenixpawl: It’s certainly helped. People like Tommy, Nervo, and especially Dirty South have helped pave the way for guys like us. The dance music scene is so strong in Australia that people overseas are starting to take notice.

Has this international recognition affected Australia’s EDM scene?
Feenixpawl: For as long as we’ve been DJing, dance music has been at the forefront of the club scene in Australia. If anything, the Australian scene has affected the world, not the other way around.