There’s an area between being simply a DJing enthusiast and a full-fledged professional, one that calls for higher-quality gear but is filled with low-paying gigs. Behringer’s NOX series DJ Mixers, particularly the NOX606, breach that gray zone. One of the more affordable but still professional options, NOX606 and the rest of the series are equipped with top-notch features and cover practically all media sources.

On a general level, the NOX Series connects to a computer and smoothly plays and records digital files. Both PC and Mac systems work with these devices without special drivers. Physically, the devices are equipped with Behringer’s well-known “contact-free” VCA crossfader, XENYX mic, excellent phono preamps, and FX that easily synchs up with the beat. Starting here and going beyond, the NOX 606 provides the DJ with easily-operable and controllable channel faders and adjustable crossfader curves. The latter of these two is an asset for switching between multiple mixing styles.

Starting with what the device offers, the NOX606 is built to seamlessly handle multiple forms of media. Specially, each mixer comes with RCA inputs for turntables, tape decks, and CD players and is made with USB connectivity. The USB feature, particularly, opens up and offers ease of access to an MP3 library, allowing a mix to be saved in digital form and added to a computer. Overall, this versatility provides the DJ with the option of remixing a track from nearly any media form.

However, while the media variety is certainly an asset, what makes the NOX606 stand out in its price range is the effects. The mixer’s internal effects engine features 12 options, all of which can be assigned to a microphone, channel 1 or 2, crossfader A or B, or the main mix. The effects themselves into 2XCOPY, Tape Echo, Echo, Flanger, Phaser, LP and HP filter, Auto Pan, Vocoder, Reverb, and Rev Reverb.

But, the mixer’s effects capabilities do not end just here. Instead, the DJ can modify each with a choice of parameters. TAP is essentially the beat-synch feature, aligning the effects with the track’s established tempo. Intensity Fader gives the DJ control of the wet and dry mix. The Frequency Knob, on the other hand, provides the track’s tempo or, through adjustments, allows the DJ to determine that himself.

Beyond its features, the NOX606 mixer stands out for two points: versatility and sound quality. The device’s main output includes a four-band channel EQ and level meter, in addition to a post-fader mono output for the subwoofer. While the mixer can support two turntables, two CD players, and a USB device, NOX606’s two voltage control filters and two low frequency oscillators can be assigned to any channel or crossfader for even higher-quality filtering and modulation. Pushing the creativity aspect a step further is the pre- and post-fader stereo AUX sends on each channel.

When a DJ is on a budget but wants all of the features, ease of use, and sound quality a professional needs, Behringer’s NOX606 delivers all of this.