Why should creativity be difficult? If you have ideas, why not have a tool to easily execute them with precision? The Pioneer RMX-1000 is such a device. Designed for use with standard DJing devices or with a computer, the RMX-1000 takes remixing to the next level, allowing the user to create new effects and sounds all while staying in time.

Just considering sounds and remixing capabilities, the RMX-1000 offers four remixing functions for arrangements and ease of control: Isolate FX, Scene FX, X-Pad FX, and Release FX. Coupled with these is Pioneer’s own remixbox™ editing software – essentially a portal to customizing the device’s functions and features. VST/AU RMX-1000 Plug-in software adds USB controller capabilities.

With polyphonic capabilities, the four, easy-to-use knobs and buttons affect multiple aspects for creating music or altering a track. The user, when bringing together effects from all four sections, can make a remix his without a great amount of effort. Instead, focus can go toward the music, not the technological aspects. So, what does each function let the user do?

Scene FX is five Build Up and five Break Down effects. The former features BPF ECHO, ECHO, NOISE, SPIRAL UP, and REVERB UP – all options for adding sounds to a mix. Break Down effects include HPF ECHO, LPF ECHO, CRUSH ECHO, SPIRAL DOWN, and REVERB DOWN – all of which take out sounds. All are activated, on a basic level, with a large turning knob, and two sub-knobs assist with any changes and adjustments.

A more “old school,” but not dated in use, feature, Isolate FX is three more knobs, all designed for processing low, mid, and high frequency sounds. Three effects are accompanied by an isolator, which introduces and alters rhythmic patterns, timber, and other musical basics.

Creating or adding sounds and samples, on the other hand, is possible through the X-Pad FX, a touch pad feature. Users are allowed to exercise greater creative input with this section, making their own sounds or adding those not originally in the music. X-Pad FX provides four basic percussion samples: KICK, SNARE, CLAP, and HI HAT. All of these are sufficient, but those looking to expand the percussion aspects of a track must create their own. On the other hand, adding your own sounds is not arduous, and in fact, the RMX-1000 is equipped with such capabilities through remixbox™ and an SD card.

Release FX has a greater, more stark, and pervasive effect when altering a track. A lever, this feature either resets or overrides the current music, or does the reverse – taking out all sections while letting the original music continue to play. Features are descriptive of their functions: Vinyl Brake, Echo, and Back Spin.

But what good is creativity when you can’t keep time? When designing the RMX-1000, Pioneer kept this in mind. Real-time music analysis gives an assessment of the track’s timing, and automatically synchs your sounds and changes with the beat. Auto-BPM determines and follows the tempo of the music.

A portable design, ability to access effects and remix from a single device, and a USB MIDI feature give the RMX-1000 an advantage. If you’re looking to add more sounds to your remixes and tracks and want a straightforward design that can easily be taken to gigs, the RMX-1000 is just what you’ve been looking for.