Boris is one of the most recognized DJs in New York. Currently a resident at Pacha NYC, he played at now-defunct club Crobar for a number of years, as well at many other venues across the city. Along with Pacha NYC, Boris spins regularly at Space Miami.

While a native of St. Petersburg, Russia, Boris started DJing and producing while attending the Institute of Audio Research. Since that point, he has put out releases through 69 Records and Stereo Productions and has held residencies in nearly all major cities in the U.S. Additionally, he has earned two Club World Award nominations for Best Resident DJ and has placed in the top five of America’s Best DJ fan poll.

Speaking with DJ Boris, Crossfadr asked him about his career and upcoming projects.

Why did you decide to start DJing?

DJ Boris: I always was into all sorts of music. But when I actually went out to my first club, I just loved the way a DJ had total control of a crowd and a dance floor. He was responsible if you had a good night or a bad night

How did you land your first residency at Crobar?

DJ Boris: That was not my first residency but one that people mostly know me for. I was a resident at another club (Spirit) and had many friends working at Crobar that kept wanting me to come work there. So, when the time was right, I made the move. And can’t forget my residency at good Fridays at Roxy back in the late ‘90s.

How has your most current residency at Pacha NYC been?

DJ Boris: It’s been great. I have been there for five years, and our parties there are solid and going strong.

During the past few years, EDM, particularly house music, has increased in popularity. How has this affected your career?

DJ Boris: Yes it has. It has not only affected mine, but everyone who’s involved in EDM, as it has crossed over to the masses and has really taken over.

In reference to the question above, what about with club crowds in New York and other areas?

DJ Boris: All areas are different, but New York is its own animal and is my home town, so I’m embraced here more than other areas. As the expression goes, if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere.

Out of all clubs you have played, what has been your most favorite?

DJ Boris: I love my residencies here at Pacha and, of course, Space Miami – the terrace is there is special.

Are you working on any new projects at the moment?

DJ Boris: Yes, I have just finished 2 tracks for Sci-Tec, as well stuff for Great Stuff, Nervous, Stereo, Insert Coin, and I’m working on collaborations with Chus, Roger S, Richie Santana, Oscar L, to name a few

Which artists would you like to remix?

DJ Boris: I always wanted to something for Madonna, Depeche Mode, to name a few.

During your DJing and production career, how has your equipment changed?

DJ Boris: It is all digital now. You can basically work off your laptop, as opposed to have a real studio with outboard gear that will take up half you house.

Do you have any advice for up and coming or aspiring DJs?

DJ Boris: Just pursue your dream, work hard and, develop your own sound and niche.