Traktor is the go-to software for DJs and producers across all EDM genres, so why not have a controller geared specifically to this program. Numark does that with its 4Trak 4-Channel Traktor Controller, but beyond merely being compatible with this software, the device provides the user with superior control and an unsurpassable level of interaction between it and auxiliary equipment. This latter feature, particularly, exponentially increases creative possibilities.

On a basic level, the Numark 4Trak has four decks of software control, a four-channel mixer, high-resolution platters, Numark’s distinct Strip Search virtual needle drop feature, and the 12-knob FX KOMMAND console. The amalgamation and interaction of these features gives the DJ or producer far greater control over Traktor software and over all effects.

Able to operate with or without a computer, the four-channel mixer is the essential component of 4Trak. RCA inputs are added to each channel, and out of four line-level inputs, two change to photo and two to mic. This versatility lets sources from auxiliary devices – tracks and samples – blend into the software.

Numark 4Trak gives the user excellent control over effects and filters. Multiple filter and effect factors expand performance and mixing capabilities, and these layer effects and adjust filters can be joined together in a number of combinations.

Numark 4Trak, as well, is equipped with two modules of effects controls, with four detented filter knobs for each of the four channels. For added versatility, each deck comes with three controls, all of which can be assigned to effects of your choice and allow for effects to be quickly aligned with BPM. Channels, as well, come with input selectors, allowing the DJ to change in no time at all between Traktor’s four decks and an external source, such as a turntable or CD player. The music from any of these auxiliary devices, as well, can be incorporated into any mix through this feature.

Numark’s Strip Search has taken precision in a setlist to new levels. This virtual needle drop lets the DJ locate any time point on a track with an advanced touch strip. LED indicators notify the user of the specific track position.

Platters further expand control and precision. Numark 4Trak’s platters have 3600 ticks of revolution per rotation, let effects easily be accessed by channel, and automatically adjust to sensitivity. The DJ, in response, now has exceptional and high-quality turntable control. Much like the Strip Search feature, LED indicators select the deck in control and provide a display for playback status.

More versatile and superior features set the 4Trak apart from other controllers. A 24-bit interface creates higher quality audio from the computer. The device, as well, comes equipped with library navigation for quick and easy track selection; Master Tempo; full pitch control; manual and instant loops and hot cues; and direct access to beat grid controls and beat skip. Traktor 2 Numark 4Trak edition comes with each.

While somewhat self-explanatory, the Numark 4Trak is a must for any DJ or producer who considers Traktor his or her essential software but relies on and expects auxiliary devices for greater creativity.