The ability to mix a track and transition into another is no longer a baseline skill for a DJ. Because of the mainstream popularity gains of some producers, such as Tiesto, having a visual show is necessary for keeping the audience or clubgoers interested.

Nevertheless, if you’re producing your own show, how can you create your own visuals and, more importantly, synchronize them with the music? For those skilled behind the decks but a novice at graphic design and VJing, the Mixvibes’ VFX Controller is the perfect visual accompaniment.

A two-in-one device for DJing and VJing, the Mixvibes VFX Controller blends audio and video elements through mixing software and a MIDI controller with a built-in soundcard with two outputs. On a basic level, the VFX controller features four decks with DJing and VJing software tools with unlimited visual effects and creative transitions. For convenience, most video and music formats, including time-coded vinyl records, CDs, and MIDI controllers, are supported, high-precision mixing is possible through two touch-sensitive jog wheels that adjust pitch bend, and every audio effect is matched with a video effect. Additionally, displays can easily be customized with flash texts, animation, and other graphic elements and include live camera feeds.

The VFX Controller was designed by professionals for actual DJs and VJs. So, those behind this device are familiar with the changing role of a DJ and the needs of the form. This notion is reflected in the device’s form and operation. Instead of being bulky, it’s compact and aptly suited for the 19-inch rack installations common in clubs. Media access, similarly, is straightforward and offers previews of all sounds and visuals. Playlist management, history, and auto-saving features keep all your tracks and graphics in order.

Aside from visuals being a prerequisite for DJing shows these days, VJs (those who mix video clips like DJs do tracks) are in greater demand. But, if you haven’t got a musical bone in your body, a bunch of spliced video clips resembles a slideshow. The VFX Controller takes both professional aspects into consideration: basic and advanced features assist with bringing videos to the music mix and danceable sounds to the graphics. As both professionals have to go between large and small spaces for gigs, the VFX Controller can be adjusted to fit the space’s features.

With benefits on both ends, the advanced features make this device truly geared toward the professional, rather than just practice equipment for the aspiring DJ. Creativity is paramount, and the advanced features reach the highest degree of versatility: 20 video and audio effects, along with the capability to run six effects simultaneously and 30 video transitions, offer nearly unlimited possibilities, and synchronization always considers the music’s beat and tempo.

Essentially, to keep up with the demands of the club audience, a DJ has to consider how to bring visuals into his or her set, and the VFX Controller is one of the more efficient solutions for doing so.