Gemini CNTRL-7 USB Midi DJ Controller with Souncard

When the Digital DJ market exploded, everyone jumped at the possibilities of creating the best DJ Controller. But there was one small problem: they were mostly 4-channel controllers. And the simple fact is DJ’s don’t really rock 4 turntables and/or 4 decks using your favorite DJ software. Manufacturers realized you can’t be in this game without having a solid, well-built, dedicated 2-channel DJ Controller. The Gemini CNTRL-7 DJ Controller is just that, a solid, well-built, dedicated 2-channel DJ Controller which ships with VirtualDJ LE.

So let’s get started. The Gemini CNTRL-7 really consist of 3 units…2 CDJ’s and 1 Mixer. Let’s take a look at the CDJ’s first.

The CDJ’s

The CDJ units on the Gemini CNTRL-7 comes equipped with all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a dedicated VirtualDJ controller. Play, pause and cue buttons, along with 3 Hot Cues for live remixes or enticing your party goers. The jog wheels are touch-sensitive and you can control Search, Cue and Scratch using them. It also has a Pitch Control for adjusting tempo and of course the infamous Sync button for perfect beat matching. You can control Virtual DJ’s effects, which has 2 parameter controls and up to 12 banks on the Sampler Section. The Loop Section is tricky and will take some getting use to, but overall it’s pretty tight and boast a Loop Adjust.

The Mixer

The Mixer serves two functions; as an internal Midi Controller and as a standalone analog DJ Mixer. Here you have you basic DJ mixer setup. Gain controls, 3-band EQ, VU Meters, Faders and Crate Search. You also have your USB/Line buttons which switch between Midi and Analog. The mixer section is pretty straight forward. My only gripe is how the VU Meters work independently per deck and not on the master.

Gemini CNTRL-7 USB Midi DJ Controller


For a compact DJ Controller, the Gemini CNTRL-7 Controller is well equipped with all the right connections. Standard are balanced XLR outputs and RCA Master, Booth and Record outputs. Along with 2-channel switchable line/phone RCA inputs with ground screw. It also has DC power for use with its soundcard.

Gemini CNTRL-7 Back Panel

Build Quality and Summary

The entire unit is plastic, which means it’s extremely lightweight (4 lbs). All the buttons are rubber while all the knobs are plastic. The job wheels are solid, although I would not do any serious scratching. The faders feel thin and the soundcard is a nice addition. But this isn’t a piece you’ll permanently install in a club. The unit retails for $249.99 USD and is a great addition for any Mobile DJ and excellent for the novice wanting to explore Digital DJing. It also works flawlessly with VirtualDJ LE or Pro.


  • Full MIDI controls freely assignable for use with any software
  • Traditional mixer/CD player layout for quick and easy access
  • Large, touch-sensitive jog wheels
  • Adjustable channel faders w/3-band EQ and gain control
  • Cross fader with adjustable X-Y slope
  • Loop controls with ½ and 2x adjust
  • Sampler controls including sample select, play, and volume
  • Pitch/tempo controls including pitch adjustment, pitch slider, sync and pitch bend
  • Effects parameter controls
  • Switchable between USB bus-power or DC power
  • Comes with Virtual DJ LE


  • 2-channel switchable line/phono with ground screw
  • Rec, Master and Booth RCA outputs
  • Balanced XLR output
  • ¼” and 1/8” (3.5mm) headphone out with volume control
  • XLR and ¼” mic input with mic volume control

Unit dimensions:

  • 14.17” x 10.23” x 1.77” (360 x 260 x 45 mm)
  • Unit Weight 4 lbs. (1.8 Kg)