One of NYC’s top female talents, DJ Lexey has been taking over across the world, spinning in Italy, Germany, Portugal, Korea, Philippines, St. Maarten and Haiti! An impressive and diverse resume says it all. Not many DJs can play alongside Afrika Bambaata on one day, spin for Mayor Bloomberg the next, and rock out with the New York Yankees on the weekend!

crossfadr had a small window of opportunity to chat with this globetrotting talent.

crossfadr: So how did it all begin?
DJ Lexey: I started Djing about 8 years ago with a love of music and dance. I started in classical music since I was 2 playing piano and then violin. When I picked up djing, the theoretical part was already there so I spent my time practicing the technical aspect.

crossfadr: Where did the name come from?
DJ Lexey: Lexey is a part of my middle name and also a part of my dad’s name. I wanted it to be something close to me.

crossfadr: What gave you that initial push?
DJ Lexey: Encouragement from my friends and a desire to be in charge of the party. I liked how the dj had total control of the room making people move and dance a certain way. At the end of the day it’s pretty rewarding to see how happy you make people.

crossfadr: Where do you live?
DJ Lexey: Currently in Brooklyn, NY but I’ve been in the city for about 9 years.

crossfadr: Which other countries have you played?
DJ Lexey: Italy, Germany, Portugal, Philippines, Korea, Haiti, St. Maarten, Canada.

crossfadr: Do you currently have a residency? If so, where?
DJ Lexey: STK on Wed and Thurs, 230 5th on Fri and Sat, I also cover all the events in Bloomingdale’s Soho as well as other fashion events.

crossfadr: What’s the best venue/event you’ve ever played?
DJ Lexey: One of the best and definitely most memorable was playing alongside Afrika Bambaata in Rome for New Years 2007. It was a huge festival with warehouses full of different kinds of music. We were responsible for the hip hop room. It was slam packed the entire night and the energy was crazy.

crossfadr: What/where was the first venue/event you’ve ever played?
DJ Lexey: I played at a club that was close to my school. At the time it was called Wye Bar.

crossfadr: Which genres do you prefer playing and why?
DJ Lexey: I enjoy playing to a responsive crowd more than I enjoy playing a certain genre. If people are really into house then that’s what you give them, if they want salsa all night we can do that too. My purpose there is to play for the crowd, not for myself. I enjoy myself much more if people are having fun.

crossfadr: Do you own a pair of turntables? If so, what kind?
DJ Lexey: I have a few pairs of Technic SL 1210’s

crossfadr: What was the first record you bought?
DJ Lexey: Some of the first ones were some funk and soul records. Kool n the gang, Cameo, Luther Vandross… Some first hip hop records were Eric B and Rakim, Pete Rock CL Smooth, Nas, Biggie, 2pac. Seems all so long ago.

crossfadr: Out of all the tracks you have, which one ‘never fails?’
DJ Lexey: It really depends on the crowd and timing, party records like Poison, Apache never seem to die.

crossfadr: What’s you favorite track of all time?
DJ Lexey: There’s no such thing. There could be at east 100 favorites and those change from time to time too.

crossfadr: How big is your vinyl and/or mp3 collection?
DJ Lexey: Most of my vinyl is retired now and there is about 2 Terabytes of MP3s right now.

crossfadr: When you play, are you sets pre-planned or off-the-cuff?
DJ Lexey: There may be 2-3 songs I like that go well together but other than that the music is catered towards the crowd that is there. It changes from night to night just as the crowd does. I try to gage the crowd song by song and lead them in a direction that they want to go.

crossfadr: Are you currently in the studio producing? If so, what are you working on?
DJ Lexey: I work on a lot of long mixes in different genres as well as edit and remix music to be played out in my sets.

crossfadr: When all the partying is over, how do you like to relax?
DJ Lexey: Peace and quiet at home. I like outdoor activities too and travel for leisure.

crossfadr: So what’s your opinion of DJ scene at the moment?
DJ Lexey: There’s a lot of djs out there, with Serato out it seems like everyone wants to be a dj, but I would like to think that real talent and skill is still recognized and the crowd will always know a good dj from a bad one.

crossfadr: What do you think about the digital DJ movement?
DJ Lexey: As mentioned before, the digital DJ movement has made it more accessible for people to get started but for Dj’s that have been trained more organically, it has opened up more creative outlets and possibilities. The digital movement helps steer things in a new direction and allows Dj’s to be more imaginative and their sets more inspired.

crossfadr: Funniest thing that ever happened at a gig?
DJ Lexey: Funny things happen every week. Sometimes people demand drinks from me thinking I’m the bartender.

crossfadr: Name some other DJs you are feeling?
DJ Lexey: Marley Marl, MOS, Kiss, Anni, Big Ben, K Swift, Diplo.

crossfadr: What advice would you give to up and coming DJs?
DJ Lexey: Know your music, know where it came from and you’ll know where it’s going.

crossfadr: What do you think about fashion and DJing?
DJ Lexey: They go hand in hand, appearance is part of the package but I don’t think it will ever outweigh the music. At the end of the day that’s what people came for.

crossfadr: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
DJ Lexey: Living happily ever after with a loving husband and a few kids : )

crossfadr: What are you plans for life after DJing?
DJ Lexey: I would like to continue the work I’ve been doing as a music consultant and stylist. I have acquired too much knowledge about music that I wouldn’t let go to waste and use it to help companies, venues, restaurants, and stores to shape their brand.

Equipment in your DJ/Production studio? Ableton Live, Reason, Serato, a few macs, Technics, and a 57 mixer.