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Video: Age of Euphoria – St. James 1745

Finding that source of euphoric frequency that vibrates your soul, is my quest...

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  • jabig

Deep House Vinyl DJ Mix by JaBig

JaBig is an international House Music DJ from Montréal, Canada, who travels the world to perform for his millions of fans in over 193 countries. A musical genius, he knows how to mix Deep Soulful House songs, Brazilian Samba, Bossa Nova, Jazz and South African beats like a true master. Through [...]

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  • Trevor-Nygaard

Video: Deep House Mix by Trevor Nygaard

Bringing a highly technical performance to the table, Trevor Nygaard utilizes three or more decks alongside ‘live PA’ elements to deliver a fresh, unique take on the art of a DJ. While most traditional DJ’s are simply playing one track into another for the crowd, Trevor is delivering a constant [...]

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  • Suit-Tie-Guy

Sub Phatty | Modular Control

Suit & Tie Guy of STG Sound Labs brought his modular synthesizer by the Moog Sound Lab and controlled four of our Sub Phatty Analog Synthesizers with his labyrinth of analog module.  

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  • Ultraista

Video: Ultraísta – Bad Insect

Ultraísta, the multimedia trio comprised of vocalist/artist Laura Bettinson and multi-instrumentalist/producers Nigel Godrich and Joey Waronker are pleased to announce their self-titled debut album will be released on November 5th through I Am Fortified. Founded in London in 2011 on a mutual love of Afrobeat, electronic and dance music, visual art and tequila, Ultraísta has created 10 tracks of exquisitely crafted [...]

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  • cryptic-monkey

Video: Franky B aka Cryptic Monkey feat. James Senese – Vesuvius Bunks

His Neapolitan origins combined with a strong passion for Chinese classic literature certainly contribute to make this dj/producer/live performer one of the most versatile figures in the Italian club scenario. 
Since a “double face identity” was in need to help expressing his most intimate part, Franky B creating his own [...]

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  • TheOrb

Video of the Week: October 8 – Soulman – The Orb featuring Lee Scratch Perry

The Orb featuring Lee Scratch Perry Video Premiere - New Single: ‘Soulman’ ‘Soulman’ is an atmospheric, bass-heavy slo-mo house groove adorned with Perry’s spiritual proclamations, which comes complete with killer remixes. Villod AKA Ricardo Villalobos & Max Loderbauer deliver thirteen minutes of quirky abstract brilliance, utilising a low-fi bossa nova beat, perhaps [...]

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  • dubspot_logo

Video of the Week (36) – How to Use Traktor Pro 2.5 Remix Decks w/ Maschine Projects

In this video tutorial, Dubspot Instructor Matt Cellitti shows you how to create your very own remix sets inside the brand new Traktor Pro 2.5 using Maschine as a way to export your projects and use them in your Remix Sets. Traktor and Maschine team up to be an amazingly powerful performance and production combo. If you are [...]

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  • bDsDwhite

Video of the Week (35) – bassDrumsnareDrum – Human feat. Betty Steeles

bassDrumsnareDrum is a writer and producer whose music showcases talented up-and-coming vocalists. He studied music at Southampton University, spent a number of years working for a major label, made mash-ups for the award winning DJ Hero games, and has remixed Christina Aguilera twice.

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  • 12thPlanet

Video of the Week (34) – 12th Planet: The End Is Near Tour Mini Doc

Like the mythological 12th Planet (popularized by controversial author Zecharia Sitchin), our 12th Planet flies perpendicular to the system. His beats are off axis and his subsonic frequencies send you into your own orbit. America's first king of dubstep is ready for impact. A behind the scenes look at 12th [...]

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