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  • Plastikman-EX

Plastikman Makes a Tepid Return With ‘EX’

As a DJ, Richie Hawtin has the power to keep the crowd interested with a subtle change – switching an accent from an on-the-beat rhythm to one that’s off, transitioning from a duple to triplet rhythm, or just intensifying the sound slightly, for example. Hawtin’s on-again-off-again Plastikman project captures these [...]

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  • aakstalgic

DJ Aakmael Talks DJing and Producing With Crossfadr

When you think of deep house, you think of Chicago and, to a lesser extent these days, Las Vegas, but Richmond, Va.? In a sense, this makes DJ Aakmael one of deep house’s best-kept secrets. Aakmael comes from a musical background going across hip-hop, R&B, house, reggae, classical, opera, and [...]

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  • Party-Guy-Records_FSONA-III

Party Guy Records Follows Up: The Future Sounds of North America II

It has been three years in the making, but I am happy to report that Party Guy Records releases its follow up to The Future Sounds of North America, The Future Sounds of North America II, this month.  Comprised of a completely new lineup of young talented producers, the record [...]

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  • AtlanticConnection_TheLimit

Atlantic Connection’s ‘The Limit’: Post-Dubstep, American Style

With American audiences, post-dubstep remains a relatively new concept, one requiring the listener to shift the pace and sonic density from Skrillex and Rusko to minimal percussion and sparse synths formulating an unstable rhythm. Not only does Atlantic Connection do this with The Limit, an EP that follows last year’s [...]

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  • daftpunk

Daft Punk – Random Access Memories: French duo gets the summer robot disco party started right

In an age ruled by the single it’s nice that what will probably go down as the single of the year comes off an album that’s as good as Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories. The robot-headed French duo first burst onto the scene in 1997 with the big beat electronica [...]

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  • JohnDigweed

John Digweed ‘Live in London’: Not Your Neon-Tinged Festival Compilation

There’s something to be said for understated house music. No matter if a name is attached to a track or the DJ doing the mixing, a low-key set that starts slow and minimal and gradually builds momentum communicates a higher level of skill: a DJ who doesn’t lay out all [...]

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  • Sandro-Silva-Let-Go-Tonight

‘Let Go Tonight’ by Sandro Silva: Highs and Lows in Four Tracks

Some artists are trendsetters and others followers. In the current musical climate of EDM, Avicii is turning into the former, a formidable force of hummable piano lines and uplifting house tracks that fill a dance floor and become an anthem even before he headlines his next festival. But with careers [...]

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  • WW-Lift-Off-Album

W&W’s “Lift Off”: A Promising Harbinger of EDM Genre Blending

What’s house? What’s trance? We’re clearly entering a new era of electronic dance music, one in which both commercial and independent artists see no genre bounds. The melodic, arpeggiated melodies of trance music meld with the hard, march-like beats of house. The instability of dubstep’s wavering bass adds a much-needed [...]

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  • Gemini_Mercury_EP

‘Mercury EP’ Review: Rising Producer Talent Gemini Shows Full Range

Who is Gemini? The 22-year-old producer and songwriter born Thomas Slinger attempts to define himself on this short, five-track EP that includes two of his larger singles, “3D Romeo” and “Freedom.” The Mercury EP, out on November 19, assembles a collection of vignettes, each exploring a different and divergent facet [...]

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  • the-orb-featuring-lee-scratch-perry-present-the-observer-in-the-star-house

The Orb – Cooking Vinyl feat. Lee Scratch Perry

Long time EDM duo, The Orb, has gone through many transformations in its near-twenty year existence, resulting is an unlikely but surprisingly tasteful mixture of the deepest of the German underground scene and the heaviest of old school hip-hop. In its current incarnation, Dr. Alex Paterson and Thomas Felhman make [...]

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