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How Deep House Became Banal

By |May 2, 2016|Opinion|

A listen to a few of the Beatport Top 10 yields a trend parallel to the same EDM tracks that end up there week after week: Deep house has its own formulaic cuts. Of course, the purists are going to say “But that’s not real deep house!” Whether you want [...]

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PreSonus Eris E44 Monitor: When Sound Exceeds the Size

By |April 6, 2016|Monitors, Reviews|

If one trend defines technology, it’s that we want everything to be smaller without compromising quality and power. In fact, we expect it to provide even better performance. This notion defines PreSonus’ Eris E44 and E66 MTM monitors. Back when the company announced them in October 2015, the press release [...]

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The Serato DJ Suite: Getting the Biggest Bang for Your Buck

By |January 12, 2016|Reviews, Software|

You’ve probably been asked this at least once: “Traktor or Serato?” In establishing itself as one of the preeminent DJing software brands, Serato launched the Serato DJ Suite earlier in 2015. Essentially, every must-have product for your setup gets bundled together for a significantly lower cost. As the backbone, you [...]

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The Reloop RP-7000: More Than a Serviceable Replacement for the Technics 1200

By |January 8, 2016|DJ Controllers, Reviews|

We haven’t been able to find a truly suitable replacement for the Technics 1200. More brands might be introducing turntables in an attempt to fill the void, but most products come with bells and whistles, from USB ports to MIDI compatibility. We’ve yet to find something that sticks with the [...]

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Reloop Beatpad 2: Finally, a Decent iPad Controller

By |December 3, 2015|DJ Controllers, Reviews|

DJs showed the iPad could be a DJing and production device all the way back in 2010. So, five years down the line, why are the controllers such also-ran equipment? While Algoriddim is a top-notch program, the accompanying gear has seemed second rate. Features are limited, and you’re still left [...]

  • Pioneer-DDJ-SP1

Pioneer DDJ-SP1: Giving You Full Access to Serato DJ

By |November 13, 2015|DJ Controllers, Reviews|

Serato DJ’s now pretty much the standard, and if you’re looking for a controller that aligns with this software while providing you with the features you need, the Reloop Neon has been your best bet. That is, until Pioneer debuted the DDJ-SP1, a four-channel sub-controller that’s compatible with Serato DJ [...]

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Why the Pioneer DDJ-SZ and DDJ-SX2 are Game-Changing Controllers

By |October 27, 2015|DJ Controllers, Reviews|

When we attended the Winter Music Conference two years ago, we spoke with Pioneer, who promised something completely new and game changing. Not long after, the brand introduced its DDJ-SX model, but from that point, other gear has, frankly, been on par or eclipsed it. Over the past year, that’s [...]

  • StudioOne3

PreSonus Does a Successful Overhaul with Studio One 3 – Review

By |September 25, 2015|Reviews, Software, Studio Gear|

After its debut, Studio One started to stand out for its strong effects, straightforward interface and usage, and easy audio and MIDI editing. Of course, as anyone will find with a DAW, Studio One had its weaknesses – mainly, a dearth of virtual instruments – and it seems that PreSonus [...]

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Serato Remote: All the Features You Know in Mobile Form

By |August 27, 2015|Apps, Reviews, Software|

Apps specifically for DJing with an iPad have already been around for a few years. Algoriddim immediately comes to mind. Yet, there’s a need for the standard software programs to be effectively translated into tablet (and smart phone) form, and that’s where Serato Remote comes in. The first official Serato [...]

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NEW: Pioneer DJ’s DJM-S9 Serato DJ Mixer

By |August 7, 2015|News|

The new DJM-S9 two-channel mixer for Serato DJ puts the power of personalisation in your hands, with a fast, accurate and customisable crossfader, plus Performance Pads and FX buttons that you can map to suit your preferences. The mixer delivers plug-and-play integration with Serato DJ's four decks and boasts DVS [...]

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Reloop Terminal Mix 8: Solid Design With Seamless Serato Integration

By |July 23, 2015|DJ Controllers, Reviews|

Coming out close to a year ago, the Reloop Terminal Mix 8 begins where the Terminal Mix 4 controller left off but greatly expands upon the functionality. Reloop’s been aspiring to a more prominent position within the DJ gear market, and this piece of equipment clearly displays those intentions. What [...]

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Fostex PX-6 Monitors Offer Clear Sound Quality and Simple Functionality

By |July 8, 2015|Monitors, Reviews, Studio Gear|

The Fostex PX-6 appeared around this time last year as an upgrade to the PX-5. Monitors have turned into one of the studio’s most essential pieces of gear, and the PX-6 meets this need, especially in the under-$1,000 price range, with a sturdy design, simple functionality, clear and exact reproduction, [...]